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General Release of Liability

These terms and conditions of use, constitute a legal binding agreement made between you the "hirer" and Alicat Accessories, concerning the use of Alicat Accessories "props", such as, cold spark machines, dry ice machines, projection units, battery support units and electric cables.

Therefore, you the "hirer" have agreed by accessing Alicat Accessories sites / and or booking Alicat Accessories to operate the above mentioned "props", that any damage caused resulting in misuse of the "props" will be deemed the responsibility of yourselves, the "hirer".

You the "hirer" and any other party, other than Alicat Accessories staff members, are expressly prohibited to touch or use any of the "props" on hire at any event / show.

By using / booking the above mentioned "props" means that you agree to Alicat Accessories terms and conditions.

Alicat Accessories reserve the right to terminate any agreement made with the "hirer" or other parties if it is found, there is misuse or a violation of any hired "props" or reckless behaviour towards any Alicat staff member.

Dry Ice..... The use and handling of the dry ice will be the responsibility of Alicat Accessories staff only. It will be the responsibly of you the "hirer" to make sure that children attending the venue will be restricted near the operation of the dry ice machine and therefore must be supervised. In the event of the aforementioned becoming a risk to any individuals, the operator of Alicat Accessories will terminate the dry ice effect at the cost of you the "hirer".

These terms and conditions remain in force whilst Alicat Accessories "props" are at the event / show site.





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